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Association of Japanese in love with Vietnam – 11 years accompanying victims of Agent Orange in Ninh Binh

Founded in 2002, every year, the Association of Japanese in love with Vietnam holds 1 to two visits to Vietnamese victims of Agent Orange to learn about the consequences of the chemical warfare caused by the U.S. Military and share the difficulties with the victims with hard conditions to alleviate their pain.


On August 18, 2022, representatives of the Association of Japanese in love with Vietnam visited and presented gifts to AO victims with difficult circumstances in Ninh Binh province.

The delegation presented 10 gifts, each worth 2.5 million VND and 5kg of rice to 10 victims\' families with extremely difficult circumstances.

Mr. Ta Quang Chinh, chairman of the Ninh Binh Provincial Association for Victims of Agent Orange/dioxin, said that: the gifts presented by the association not only have material meaning but also have great spiritual meaning, expressing their affection and respect for Vietnam veterans.

Mr. Kitamura Hajime, representative of the Association, said that the activity is also meaningful to educating the young generations about the consequences, the cruelty of war and the sequelae left to the victims of Agent Orange.

On this occasion, the RevivAll volunteer group of the students of the United Nations International School - Hanoi (UNIS) donated 45 million VND to repair houses for 3 families of Agent Orange victims with difficult circumstances in the province.


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