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10 Events Of 2023

1. At the invitation of General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam Nguyen Phu Trong, President of the United States of America Joseph R. Biden paid a state visit to Vietnam on September 10 and 11.

General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong held talks with President Biden, announcing the establishment of a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership for peace, cooperation and sustainable development between Vietnam and the United States.

Both sides agreed to make efforts to overcome the consequences of war and discussed the importance of continuing this work. Cooperation to overcome the consequences of war is considered a foundation in the two countries' relations, making an important contribution to the process of reconciliation, healing and building trust between the two countries. A series of projects have been being implemented, recognizing joint efforts in Vietnam - United States cooperation in overcoming the consequences of war, including humanitarian coordination activities to search and inventory American personnel missing in the war in Vietnam; cooperate in searching and gathering the remains of Vietnamese martyrs who died in the war; the completion of the dioxin detoxification project at Da Nang airport; continue to implement the dioxin detoxification project at Bien Hoa airport; Project to support the improvement of the living standards for Vietnamese people with disabilities in provinces heavily sprayed with Agent Orange; communication project on overcoming the consequences of post war land mines and toxic chemicals.

2. On October 5, the Belgian House of Representatives passed a Resolution calling for support for Vietnamese victims of Agent Orange with the consensus of 134/134 parliamentarians. This is an important and extremely meaningful Resolution for Vietnam, helping to increase the international community’s awareness of the Agent Orange disaster in Vietnam and continue other forms of support for Vietnam to deal with the consequences of war.

On this occasion, Chairman of the National Assembly of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam Vuong Dinh Hue sent a thankful letter to Mrs. Eliane Tillieux, President of the House of Representatives of the Kingdom of Belgium. The letter affirmed: The adoption of the Resolution by the Belgian House of Representatives is a historic milestone, as for the first time a parliament in Europe and the world passed a Resolution publicly supporting Vietnamese victims of Agent Orange. This event shows the good cooperative relationship between Vietnam and Belgium in the context of the two countries celebrating the 50th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations (1973 - 2023).

3. Senior Lieutenant General Hoang Xuan Chien, Member of the Party Central Committee, Deputy Minister of National Defense and a working delegation of the Ministry of National Defense visited and presented gifts to VAVA on the occasion of the 76th anniversary of War Invalids and Martyrs Day (July 27, 1947 - July 27, 2023). Chien affirmed that the Ministry of National Defense always pays attention and directs relevant agencies and units to coordinate with the Association to resolve problems related to policies for resistance activists who were exposed to toxic chemicals and lost their documents. At the same time, the MOD always focuses on mobilizing resources to care for and help AO victims, especially mobilizing international organizations to implement projects to support and improve the living standards of AO victims.

4. On August 22, 2023, the Party Central Committee Secretariat (13th tenure), issued Decision No. 118-QD/TW promulgating regulations on the organization and operation of mass associations assigned by the Party and State.

The regulations include 4 chapters, 13 articles, and specific regulations on the organization and operations of mass associations assigned tasks by the Party and State. This is the Party's first document on leadership and direction of the organization and operation of mass associations assigned by the Party and State. This decision and other legal documents of the Government issued in the near future will be an important legal basis for mass associations assigned by the Party and State in general and VAVA, in particular implemented their tasks effectively and efficiently in the new situation.

5. The 5th National Congress of the Vietnam Association for Victims Agent Orange/dioxin (VAVA), 2023-2028 term, took place on December 28 and 29 in Hanoi with the participation of more than 300 official delegates. Comrade Bui Thi Minh Hoai, Secretary of the Party Central Committee, Head of the Central Mass Commission and many former leaders of the Party, State, departments, ministries and central branches attended the Congress.

The Congress elected the Executive Committee for the 2023-2028 term, including 75 members. The Standing Committee consists of 14 members, and the Inspection Committee has 5 members. Lieutenant General Nguyen Huu Chinh, former Political Commissar of the General Technical Department - Ministry of National Defense, was elected as President of the Association. The Vice Presidents of the Association include: Major General Nguyen Hong Son; Major General Do Hong Lam, and Senior Colonel Pham Xuan Hung.

The Congress continued to honor Ms. Nguyen Thi Binh, former Member of the Party Central Committee, former Vice President of the State as Honorary President of the Association.

The 5th Congress, 2023-2028 term, is a special milestone which sees the transfer of generations of leaders of the Association from the Central Committee to the provinces and cities.

2023 was also the year many provinces and associations successfully held congresses. Associations at all levels from the Central Committee to the grassroots and the officials and members of the association have upheld their sense of responsibility, successfully implementing the Congress's theme of "Solidarity, gratitude, responsibility, towards the victims, making the Association strong and successfully complete the tasks assigned by the Party and State."

6. Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Vietnam Association for Victims of Agent Orange/dioxin (January 10, 2004 - January 10, 2024). This is an event of great significance, a turning point marking the growth and development of the association from the central to the local levels throughout the country. The Association's position and prestige are increasingly enhanced, worthy of the trust of the Party, State and people; truly a reliable support for its members and Ao victims throughout the country.

At the Ceremony held on the evening of December 28, 2023, the Central Committee of VAVA was awarded a Certificate of Merit for outstanding achievements in the period 2018-2023 by the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs.

7. "Action Month for victims of Agent Orange" in 2023 was launched for the first time (from August 1 to August 31, 2023) under the direction of the Central Mass Mobilization Commission. Therefore, VAVA at all levels has received the care and help of many businesses, units, organizations and individuals, especially the participation of party committees and authorities at all levels. As a result, the entire Association received 132 billion VND of donation in the Action Month.

The 2023 charity texting program entitled "Joining hands to ease the pain of Agent Orange" was deployed with the message of "Each message represents a heart for Agent Orange" starting from 0:00 on July 20 to September 19, 2023.  The program has received support from agencies, localities, and units, such as: Information Portal 1400, Viettel, Vinaphone, Mobiphone, Vietnammobile; Military units and people from all walks of life also joined in. The program received nearly 2 billion VND in donations for the AO  victims.

8. The Conference "Dialogue on Reconciliation and Overcoming the Consequences of War and Peace Initiative" took place at the US Institute of Peace in Washington DC from September 13 to 15, 2023. Senior Lieutenant General Nguyen Van Rinh, President of VAVA, Head of the delegation attended the event and gave an important speech at the closing session.

160 delegates from the Department of Defense, Department of Foreign Affairs, Congress, organizations of the US and other countries attended the conference. Some sessions of the conference (plenary sessions and AO-related sessions) were broadcast live online.

9. The Chemical Corps under the Ministry of National Defense announced the completion of the treatment of the dioxin-contaminated soil at A So airport, A Luoi district, Thua Thien Hue province on October 24. Accordingly, the total volume of 38,718 m3 of contaminated soil has been treated, including 6,500 m3 by biological treatment and 32,218 m3 by landfill treatment in a total area of 9.35 hectares. Currently, the unit has completed land reclamation and planted trees on an area of 5.23 hectares in area B and handed over clean land of area A to the locality. The project affirms Vietnam's ability to master technology in dioxin treatment.

10. The Central Committee of VAVA coordinated with the Chemical Corps to open two exhibitions "Orange - Conscience and Justice 2023" in Quang Ninh province and Lam Dong province. In the two provinces, tens of thousands of visitors came to visit the exhibitions and learn about the chemical war waged by the US in Vietnam and the work to overcome the consequences of toxic chemicals/dioxins by our Party, State and people. They also joined hands to support and take care of AO victims./.




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