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Beautiful flowers in daily life

The war has passed for more than 46 years, but the legacy of Agent Orange remains with persistent pain. Despite that unhappiness, many victims of Agent Orange still overcome their pain and live a meaningful life.

Since her birth, Ms. Tran Thi Xuan Thu, Tam Phuoc commune, Phu Ninh district (Quang Nam province) has suffered many disadvantages caused by Agent Orange/dioxin. Thu was only less than 1m high and weighted 25kg with an abnormal appearance when she reached adulthood no matter how her parents fed her. She grew up with many complications, sadness and difficulties in life. Thu said with tears: "Everything was difficult for me, so I had to depend on my parents, from eating to clothing. But the saddest thing to me is my appearance. I was so shameful of my height which is far below average that I didn’t want to go out and just stayed at home".

Fortunately, God still blessed with her a sharp mind. She finished secondary school, but had to stop her schooling as high schools are located far away from her house and no one would take her there. Not giving up to her fate, Thu was determined to seek a job to earn money for her living expenses and, more importantly, have the opportunity to interact with people. At that time, many people did not know where that little girl, whose height was less than 1m, got the courage to decide to leave home and make a living on her own. “At that time, I just thought I had to go, selling lottery tickets in Bien Hoa, Dong Nai. Luckily, I got help from many people, and I realized that there are still people who are more miserable than me. They still stand up and live happily", Thu said.

God has eyes. After many years striving, Thu has a family with 2 healthy and well behave children. Her first child is in 10th grade, and her second child is in 7th grade this year. This is the result of a beautiful fairy tale love story 14 years ago when she met Trung, a man of the same fate as her as a victim of Agent Orange with moving difficulties. Thu said: “At that time, my parents were old and weak, so I just thought that if someone loved me and we got married, my parents would be very happy. God blessed me with my children soon after we got married".

Beautiful flowers in daily life

Having healthy children is the boundless happiness of a disabled couple, but they feel quite worried about how they would raise their children if both of them are disabled and sick, and both their parents are dead, and they have no siblings left. To overcome the circumstance, she and her husband did every job, from sewing clothes at home, to riding in a wheelchair, singing and selling goods. Now that she can’t travel that far due to her bad health, she tries to make a living by selling things online. People love her brightness and sincerity, so more and more people come to buy her products. Now on average, she can earn about 3 million VND a month. This amount together with the monthly income of her husband is enough for her family expenses.

President of the Association for Victims of Agent Orange/Dioxin of Phu Ninh district, Quang Nam province commented that: Both Thu and her husband are excellent. Despite their disability, they do not surrender to fate, try every job to earn a living and raise their two children. Everyone here admires them". After many years of dificulties, with their energy, love for life and the love and care of her parents and friends, Thu has finally enjoyed her happiness. Family life with two healthy and well behaved children will be the driving force and support for her and her husband to look forward to the good things in the future.

I went to her house and couldn't hide my joy and suddenly remembered writer Nguyen Khai once wrote in his work that: This life has no deadend, only boundaries. With their energy, Thu and her husband have overcome their body limitations and live a meaningful life. They are like beautiful, splendid flowers, blossoming in daily life.


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