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Belgium promotes cooperation to support victims of Agent Orange in Vietnam

On November 7, 2023 President of the Belgian Chamber of Representatives Éliane Tillieux had a meeting with Vietnamese Ambassador to the Kingdom of Belgium Nguyen Van Thao and individuals and organizations related to the Agent Orange issue in Vietnam.

Speaking at the meeting, Ms. Éliane Tillieux, President of the Chamber of Representatives, said that the Belgian Parliament is the first one to request that the use of ecocides be considered a crime against humanity. The resolution to support Vietnamese victims of Agent Orange received 100% approval from all Belgian political parties, demonstrating their true concern for Agent Orange victims in Vietnam and worldwide as well as the enormous risks to the environment that this toxic chemical causes.

Ms. Éliane Tillieux expressed that this Resolution is the first step towards future resolutions to promote specific cooperation with Vietnam, demonstrating Belgium's political participation and commitment. Belgium needs to take specific actions such as financial support plans, implementing academic researches between Belgian and Vietnamese universities... to achieve long-term solutions.

Federal parliamentarian André Flahaut, who submitted a resolution to the Belgian Parliament to support victims of Agent Orange in Vietnam, also affirmed that there must be specific actions to implement the resolution. In the immediate future, Belgium will provide technology to detoxify dioxine-contaminated soil in Vietnam.

Mr. Nguyen Van Thao, Vietnamese Ambassador to Belgium highly appreciated the support and efforts of the Belgian Parliament to pass the resolution which helps increase awareness of the Agent Orange issue and calls on the international community to support its victims. Considering this as a very meaningful action on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between the two countries, the Ambassador pledged that the Vietnamese Embassy would coordinate with the Belgian counterpart to promote cooperation in supporting the victims of Agent Orange.

President of the Belgian Chamber of Representatives Éliane Tillieux (right) talks with Ms. Tran To Nga, an overseas French Vietnamese victim of Agent Orange during the Vietnam War. (Photo: VNA)

Ms. Tran To Nga, an overseas Vietnamese in France, a victim of Agent Orange during the Vietnam War, said that the Belgian Federal Parliament’s Resolution will create a precedent for other countries to take similar actions. Currently, the French Senate is also preparing to hold a meeting to discuss the issue of Agent Orange. Ms. Nga hopes that if the French Parliament takes the same actions as the Belgian National Assembly, 2024 will be a victory year in the struggle of victims of Agent Orange.



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