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Silent sacrifices

Although the war has receded, the pain and loss still follow many policy families, war invalids and martyrs. In fact, some wounds will eventually be healed, but the colorless, odorless, and tasteless ones can only be understood by those who are victims of Agent Orange. When the weather changes, their whole bodies ache, at that time, their wives and their mothers feel and sympathize the most.

Ms. Chu Thi Bich, 73 years old in Block 9, Cao Loc Town, Lang Son province, whose husband is a war veteran and a victim of Agent Orange/ dioxin, died since 2010, has two children infected with Agent Orange her father, namely Chu Van Huong born in 1979 and Chu Thi Hang born in 1986. Hang herself has intellectual disability, blind eyes, weak legs, and a number of chronic diseases. Because she often suffers from pain caused by Agent Orange, loses her ability to work and control herself, so every day, Ms. Bich has to take care of everything for her .

Despite her old age, Ms. Bich still has to take care of her 2 children infected with Agent Orange all alone. After her farmwork, she serves her children bit by bit. Every day she serves them food, clothing, and personal hygiene that they don't know how to do by themselves. Even at mealtimes, she has to put the rice bowl into their hands. It's really sad, but she is used to it. “If it’s not me, who will take care of them?’, she said.

Admiring the women's silent sacrifices for Agent Orange victims, we went to the family of Ms. La Thi Thang, Po Muc village, Loc Binh town, Loc Binh district. Talking to us, Ms. Thang said, following the call of love, she got married with Mr. Chu Van Su, who was from the same hometown, born in 1953; enlisted in 1971 and fought in the battlefields of Quang Binh, Quang Tri, and Quang Nam provinces. During his service in the war, Mr. Su was infected with Agent Orange. In 1974, he was demobilized and returned to his hometown. Then, the couple had three children, one of whom was Chu Van Hop, born in 1983 with the most severe deformity, intellectual disability, deafness, and not being able to take care of himself. Despite her joint pain, she still has to go to work every day to support her family.


Putting aside the dream of having a healthy husband, a strong shoulder to rely on like many other women, and also to fulfill the promise of her deceased father with his teammates when fighting on the battlefield, Ms. Vy Thi Hanh got married with Mr. Ha Van Lam, born in 1972, who was also one of the children infected with Agent Orange of Mrs. Nong Thi Ot, in 1942 and Mr. Ha Van Thong, born in 1943 in Ban Ri Hamlet, Huu Khanh Commune, Loc Binh District. Hanh said, due to the influence of Agent Orange, her husband can’t do anything. She has to work to earn money to support her husband and raise their children.



Like Mrs. Bich, Mrs. Thang, Ms. Hanh, Ms. Le Thi Thu in Ro Phai village, Mai Pha commune, Lang Son city is now nearly 70 years old. She devotes more than half of her life to take care of her husband and children infected with Agent Orange/ dioxin. She said, I got married with my husband who is also a victim of Agent Orange/dioxin. We have abnormal children, who have cerebral palsy, not aware of the world around them. They don't even cooperate with us when we take care of themselves. Although they are now over 20 years old, I still have to serve them food and clothes every day, etc.


The war has receded, but the pain of Agent Orange is still there, and the wives and mothers of the victims of Agent Orange are always ready to put aside their beautiful young dreams to face reality; always fulfill their duties, be happy with their family life and become faithful wives. They always stay side by side with their husbands, understand their husbands, are ready to share the pain of illness with their husbands and children in life, and take care of their meal and sleep. Admiring the sacrifices of the wives and mothers who wholeheartedly care for the victims of Agent Orange/dioxin, Mr. Hoang Van Binh, Block 10, Cao Loc Town, Lang Son province confided: “I was infected with a toxic chemical. My whole body aches, my legs atrophy, and I can’t walk. What’s more, my son was born at a disadvantage as he doesn’t have hands. Luckily, my wife is a great person. She takes great care of me. Every now and then she massages my feet and hands. I think that a wife must love her husband and her family very much, then she can take care of me like that. I will always be indebted to my wife”.

Reality proves that in the difficulties and tribulations of life, there is no one to rely on, no one cares, and no one is dedicated and devoted to the husbands and sons who are victims of Agent Orange/dioxin like their wives and mothers, because they always understand that the victims of Agent Orange are the most miserable among the miserable. In order to timely encourage the wives and mothers who have sacrificed their youth and their lives to take care of AO victims, since 2014 to date, Lang Son Provincial Association for Victims of Agent Orange/Dioxin has appraised the file and proposed the Central Association, the Provincial People's Committee, the Provincial Women's Union to award certificates of merit and honor to 66 collectives and individuals who have always accompanied the Association to "alleviate the pain of Agent Orange", and 93 honorary degrees for typical women who have raised from 02, 03, 04 victims of Agent Orange. The silent sacrifices of those women for the victims of Agent Orange dioxin are precious, bearing the humanity and benevolence of Vietnamese women.

Mr. Ha Van Thanh, President of the Lang Son Provincial Association for Victims of Agent Orange/Dioxin expressed, in the coming time, the association will continue to honor the benevolent hearts; encourage the wives, mothers and grandmothers who directly take care of 2 or more victims of Agent Orange. The association also continues to propose VAVA and the Provincial People's Committee to reward the benevolent hearts who have made great contributions and join hands to alleviate the pain of Agent Orange.




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