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VAVA works with ABLE International

On March 20, the delegation of ABLE International led by Ms. Rubina Qureshi, President of ABLE International, visited and worked with the Vietnam Association of Agent Orange/Dioxin Agents (VAVA).
VAVA’s Vice president Pham Xuan Hung receives and work with the delegation

At the meeting, Ms. Rubina Qureshi expressed that ABLE always puts on top its cooperation with VAVA among its fields of operation. ABLE International operates in the field of humanitarian education and rehabilitation, sauna, and detoxification. At present, it is operating as many as 40 sauna and detoxification centers in 17 countries around the world, and has conducted training for teachers at public and private schools in 73 countries. ABLE wishes to learn more about Vietnamese victims of Agent Orange and find out the needs of sauna and detoxification centers in Vietnam to have timely and appropriate support measures. Ms. Rubina Qureshi hopes that, in the nearest time, ABLE and VAVA soon sign a memorandum of understanding so that ABLE can do more to help the Centers, as well as the victims.

In this visit, ABLE presents a gift worth 15,000 USD to VAVA

On behalf of the victims of Agent Orange, VAVA’s Vice President Pham Xuan Hung sincerely thanked ABLE for its help over the past 19 years. Hung also believes that after the visit to the Association and the Sauna and Detoxification Centers this time, ABLE will understand more about the needs of the Centers and Vietnamese victims of Agent Orange to help them more.

Dinh Trong


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