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Binh Dinh Provincial Hospital of Traditional Medicine and Rehabilitation is a specialized provincial hospital with a scale of 210 inpatient beds in 2 facilities (Brand 1 in Quy Nhon, Brand 2 in Phu Cat - Binh Dinh); With 14 affiliated departments, a total of 184 staff, including 35 doctors, 16 Bachelor of Medicine, 14 other universities. The field of activity is medical examination and treatment specialized in traditional medicine and rehabilitation, which was merged from two specialized provincial hospitals, the Hospital of Traditional Medicine and the Rehabilitation Hospital of Binh Dinh Province from January 1, 2019.


The method of sauna detoxification and rehabilitation for victims of toxic chemicals was prepared from the end of 2016 and implemented from the beginning of 2017 at the Rehabilitation Hospital, now Brand 2 of Binh Dinh Traditional Medicine and Rehabilitation Hospital.

Binh Dinh is one of the three hot spots for exposure to toxic chemicals in the South of Vietnam, Phu Cat Airport is a place to transfer chemical compounds to planes to spray throughout the Central region. The rehabilitation hospital is located in Phu Cat area, 1km from the airport as the crow flies. Most of the hospital's patients are people of working age and the elderly, policy beneficiaries who need rehabilitation after illness, including war consequences. The related diseases of Agent Orange victims such as peripheral neuropathy, type II diabetes, congenital malformations, physical exhaustion, etc. account for a relatively high proportion in hospitals, most of which are accidents. Agent Orange and people living in heavily exposed areas of 12 communes in 3 districts around Phu Cat airport. The need for treatment to improve the health of this group of patients is very great, this is a problem for the hospital's Board of Directors to take care of, by applying medical expertise to help the victim recover better health.

Stemming from community responsibility plus the active cooperation of the Association of Agent Orange/Dioxin in Binh Dinh province, we boldly build plans, visit and study models from detoxification centers in other provinces, the research applied to the actual local situation, the unit with the desire to contribute a part to the general movement of the State Party to launch "join hands to alleviate the pain of Agent Orange".

The detoxification treatment for patients through surveying model of Hospital 103, Hanoi Medical University, detoxification centers of Community Associations of provinces can be studied and applied at the hospital, suitable for Professional fields, facilities, qualifications of medical staff... The techniques that make up the method of treatment are covered by health insurance (HI) which is an advantage for application in hospitals.

The implementation of antidote treatment for the patient is the responsibility of the hospital to take care of the health of the people in the province, in order to implement the Party and State's policy on caring for policy beneficiaries, war victims, repay the gratitude.


Antidote treatment and rehabilitation for SAD are currently being implemented by very few public hospital systems across the country. Currently, there is no standard procedure by the Ministry of Health. 103 Military Central Hospital, Hanoi Medical University has researched and applied initially, published in 2011 - 2013 on the sauna detox method applying the Hubbard method. Detoxification Centers for patients to provinces are applying the Hubbard method as recommended by the Central Committee of CFAs such as Thai Binh, Da Nang, Quang Binh, Gia Lai, Lam Dong...

Currently, in Binh Dinh province, no unit has deployed this detoxification treatment. The source of information on detoxification and rehabilitation for patients is very limited, there are not many references, and it has not been standardized into the treatment process of the Ministry of Health, so it cannot be used as a basis for the application.


Participants were examined by the treating doctor and assigned basic laboratory tests (ECG, blood, urine, blood glucose measurement...), screened for related diseases, and detected diseases. comorbidities so that the doctor can prescribe appropriate treatment for the medical condition.

- Before treatment, the patient is directly monitored by medical staff to check vital signs such as pulse, temperature, blood pressure...

- Take Niacin orally about 2 hours before starting.

- The medical staff is in charge of instructing the patient to exercise depending on their condition for a period of 20-30 minutes until the sweat is removed.

- After exercising, they are immediately taken to the sauna, steamed, and immediately showered with cool water.

- Finally, take Vitamin A-D tablets, oil tablets, drink mineral water, sugar, salt... to supplement minerals for the body.

- Use a decoction medicine to drink 01 month/day. Vien Quan Y 103's "traditional medicine to detoxify Dioxin" by Vien Quan Y 103 includes Party ginseng, Hoang Ky, Bach Truc, Licorice, Duong Quy, Bach Thuoc, Mai Mon, Only Real, Dan Ginseng, Ban Ha, Tho Phu Linh, Trach description, Sai Ho, Thang ma… including 16 people. The effect of the spleen is to destroy phlegm, nourish the waste, tonic blood, sedation, and cause sweat.

The cycle is repeated daily and lasts for 2 weeks. Can be applied once every 3 months.

In addition, during the detoxification process, the patient is examined by a doctor and prescribed rehabilitation treatment in accordance with the accompanying medical condition.


- The program has been implemented from January 2017 to present. Total number of victims involved 615.

- Assessment results after the treatment course, most of the victims are in better health after 2 weeks of treatment and have the desire to participate in the treatment every year.


5.1. Advantages

- Showing the hospital's responsibility to the community, paying attention to the policy beneficiaries of the State and DC community in the province.

- Increase the collection of patients, bring more revenue to the hospital and promote the image of the hospital.

- With the support of the Leaders of the Department of Health and the response and participation of the Provincial Association of Orange/Dioxin Community Agriculture.

- The techniques used in the treatment are consistent with the hospital technology catalog.

- Improve professional quality and community awareness for medical staff.

5.2. Disadvantages

- The Hubbard detox sauna method has not been rigorously scientifically tested, and there are many conflicting opinions. The reason it is applicable at medical facilities is partly that it is suitable for the hospital technical list and the flexibility in payment of Health Insurance for victims participating in treatment.

- The Ministry of Health does not have a standard treatment process for this treatment method. To issue a standard procedure, there must be experimental research.

5.3. Suggestion

- Detoxification treatment for people who are chronically exposed to toxic chemicals that remain in the body, including Agent Orange, requires the participation of scientists to standardize the appropriate process for application in organs. treatment facility.

- While waiting for the above recommendation, in the immediate future, the sauna treatment facilities and rehabilitation to improve the health of patients need to be maintained and expanded as an alternative method to improve the quality of life and limit related diseases for victim of Vietnam.


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