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The semi-boarding care and rehabilitation center for Agent Orange/Dioxin victims in Gia Lai province is an affiliated organization, under the direct leadership of the Association of Agent Orange/Dioxin Victims of Gia Lai province. The Center was established under Decision No. 595/QD-UBND dated September 12, 2011 of the People's Committee of Gia Lai province. With the function of caring, nurturing and rehabilitating in the form of part-timers for Agent Orange/dioxin victims and disabled children in the province.


In June 2015, the Gia Lai Provincial People's Committee and the Provincial Standing Committee of the Association assigned the additional task of receiving the subjects who came to sauna and detox, who were Agent Orange victims and those participating in the resistance, who had to contribute to the revolution to improve health and improve the lives of victims. In June 2015, the Center held the first session of Sauna - Detoxification and so far (May 2021) has organized 52 sessions with the number of participants being 942 turns, of which 353 are residents. ethnic minorities, accounting for 37.5%.


2.1. Purpose and requirements of the sauna detoxification process

- The purpose of the program is to discharge and discharge wastes and toxins accumulated in the body for a long time through the body's natural routes (sweat, breathing, urination...). It also participates in the regeneration of tissues and cells, thereby making the body healthier and the mind sharper.

Requirements: Participants in the sauna - detox process must comply with a number of regulations as follows:

- On schedule (Duration is 21 consecutive days).

- Correct process (Exercise, sauna, vitamin and mineral supplements).

Eat enough, sleep enough.

- Do not use stimulants (alcohol, beer, tobacco, coffee).

- Do not arbitrarily use drugs outside the program.

2.2. Sauna detoxification process

- Health check: Check pulse, blood pressure, weight, health status. The purpose is to check if the subject is healthy enough to participate in the sauna - detox or not.

- Taking vitamins and minerals: The purpose is to supplement the deficiency of vitamins and minerals in the body. Strengthens the immune system, enhances fat metabolism, increases the movement of toxins out of fat cells.

- Exercise in the form of jogging: The time is 30 minutes. The purpose of jogging is to increase blood circulation. Therefore, increasing metabolism in the body's tissues and cells helps to eliminate toxins faster, making blood flow to the tissues faster.

Sauna: Time 3h30 minutes with temperature from 70-75 degrees Celsius. The purpose of a sauna is to increase circulation and promote the removal of toxins through sweat, enhancing the secretion of the glands is the main purpose of the sauna process. Every 10-15 minutes (depending on the tolerance of each person) take a bath once, with water and salt added to avoid electrolyte disturbances in the body.

- Supplement minerals and essential fatty acids.

- Drinking Can-Mag water (including calcium, magnesium and apple cider vinegar) has the effect of eliminating toxins through the digestive tract and has an effect on the nervous system, contributing to preventing muscle and joint pain.

- Eating cold-pressed oil with lecithin, the purpose is to supplement essential fatty acids for the body and at the same time replace the harmful fatty acids that have been eliminated during the sauna process.

- After finishing the sauna, check and evaluate each person's physical condition.

2.3. Dosage of vitamin and mineral supplements


Due to the conditions of the Center, there are no other tests or paraclinical tests to objectively evaluate before and after sauna. Therefore, we only assess the health of the victim based on clinical symptoms.

From June 2015 to May 2021, the Center held Sauna - Detoxification with the following results:

- Number of sessions of sauna - detox: 52 sessions

- Number of people participating in sauna - detox: 942 people

In which: Men: 647 people, rate 68.5%

Female: 295 people, rate 31.5%

- Number of people in the province: 793 people, accounting for 84%

- The number of people outside the province is 149 people, accounting for 16%.

(Tay Ninh province: 140 people, the rest includes the provinces: Kon Tum, Dak Lak, Binh Dinh, Quang Nam, Binh Phuoc, Hai Duong)

About age:

Under 60 years old, there are 86 people, accounting for 9%

From 60 to 70 years old, there are 357 people, accounting for 38%.

Over 70 years old, there are 499 people, the rate is 53%.

Regarding the structure of diseases:

High blood pressure: 428 people, accounting for 45%

Diabetes: 151 people account for 16%

Digestive diseases: 282 people, accounting for 30%

Osteoarthritis: 479 people, accounting for 51%

Neurological diseases: 305 people, accounting for 32%

Respiratory disease: 87 people, accounting for 9%

Headache: 182 people, accounting for 19%

Sleep disorder: 207 people account for 22%

Gout: 105 people, accounting for 11%.

These achievements

Hypertension: 428 people, stable 391 people, accounting for 91%

Diabetes: 151 people are stable, 132 people are stable, accounting for 87%

Digestive diseases: 282 people, reducing symptoms 246 people, rate 87%

Osteoarthritis: 479 people, pain relief 382 people, rate 79%

Neurological diseases: 305 people, pain and numbness of limbs 256 people, rate 83%

Respiratory disease: 87 people, reducing symptoms 66 people (76%)

Headache: 182 people, relieve pain 154 people, rate 84%

Sleep disorder: 207 people, improve sleep for 156 people, rate 75%

Gout: 105 people, pain relief 66 people, rate 81%


Through 52 sessions of sauna - Detoxification for 942 people, we found that the Hubbard method of detoxification is simple, easy to implement and very effective. It helps the body to eliminate toxic substances accumulated in the body for a long time. Thereby making the body stronger. Most of the victims after the sauna - Detoxification session had a general assessment that their health improved well, manifested as stable blood pressure, much-reduced pain symptoms, better eating, better sleep, feel relief, agile, more optimistic spirit.


- It is necessary to have the attention and help of leaders, departments, mass organizations, social organizations, benefactors inside and outside the province to join hands to contribute both materially and spiritually for the Center to Steam – Detox works better and better.

- It is necessary to coordinate with socio-political organizations in the province to propagate to the victims about the effectiveness of sauna - detox to participate in accessing the program more and more because the number of victims in the area is high. very big.

- Develop more Toxic Purification Centers in the provinces so that victims as well as people interested in health can access the program more and more.

- The Central Association has a plan to buy vitamins and minerals to serve the sauna - detoxification centers fully and timely.


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