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Quang Binh has 5,354 victims directly and indirectly infected with Agent Orange/dioxin. Health care for victims is concerned by Party committees, local authorities, and standing associations of provinces.


That\'s why, on October 9, 2015 the Semi-boarding Center of the Quang Binh Dioxin Association was established according to Decision No. 506 dated October 9, 2015 of the Chairman of the Provincial Association. The Center is a health care facility for victims, placed under the direct leadership of the Standing Provincial Association. Perform medical care, rehabilitation, and detox baths for victims. In April 2016, the Center officially came into operation. After more than 5 years of overcoming many initial difficulties in terms of expertise, facilities, finance, leadership, medical staff, and therapists, they have actively studied and strived to master the skill. The technique of successfully applying the detoxifying sauna method of scientist Hubbard was researched and developed. The results of detoxification were highly appreciated by victims in the province, many chronic symptoms were significantly reduced, resistance was increased, health was restored both physically and mentally.

The center has received many good feelings, emotional gratitude and sincere gratitude from the victims and their families after treatment, returning to the locality to integrate into the community thanks to their improved health.

Continue to promote the achieved results, step by step standardize, improve the quality and effectiveness of methods and reduce medical risks, ensure safety and convenience in the organization and implementation of treatment.

Wrapping up a brief summary in this report, we share with our colleagues the basic information, constantly learn from the experiences of your Provincial Centers to bring the detox program according to the Hubbard method on a daily basis more effective quality.



2.1. Patients

- Veterans, former youth volunteers, frontline citizens, officials and people exposed to dioxin who are members of the Association of Agent Orange/dioxin victims participating in the Hubbard detoxification program since April 2016 to May 2021.

- Criteria for selection of victims: The oldest age ≥ 80 years old, the youngest ≤ 50 years old, 40 years old. Excluding patients with mental illness, cancer, paralysis of the lower limbs, liver failure, heart failure, kidney failure, dumb, deaf, blind, open fractures, unhealed surgical wounds, ostomy equipment are being placed...

2.2. Method

* Application of Hubbard\'s detoxification method is a scientific method based on the circulatory and metabolic mechanisms that combine exercise and high-temperature sauna to eliminate toxins, while The time when the body synthesizes and absorbs substances that are useful to the body.

* Research some common characteristics:

- Age: ≥ 80 years old, ≥ 70 years old, ≥ 60 years old, ≥ 50 years old,<50 years old, 40 years old.

- Gender

- Occupation, time of exposure...

Total: 1,064 people, in which:

- Male: 914 people

- Female: 150 people

Average age:

+ 80 years old: 75 people 7%

+ 70 years old: 292 people 27%

+ 60 years old: 472 peoale 45%

+ 50 years old: 125 people 12%

+<50 years old: 100 people 9%

- Research on clinical and subclinical characteristics before implementing detoxification program.

- Research on the process and method of program implementation.

- Evaluation of program implementation results.

* To apply the method of L. Ron Hubbard detoxification to bring toxins out of the body, we perform the following process:

- Screening victims, classifying underlying diseases:

+ 100% general ultrasound.

+ 100% blood test: Total blood analysis, blood biochemical test some necessary parameters.

- Selection of patients: Exclude contraindications such as:

Type II diabetes with complications.

Cancer, epilepsy, paralysis of the limbs, blindness, deafness, heart failure, kidney failure, liver failure, open fracture, being used as a means of ossification, coronary stenting within 2 years, currently suffering from cancer. patients with acute medical diseases, victims of septicemia, HIV, with a history of stroke I, II,..., patients over 85 years old with a history of high blood pressure and some other underlying medical conditions.

- Assess and conclude health to classify before sauna, finalize the number of troops for a batch of 20-25 people, arrange 4 saunas with a capacity of 9kW of electricity. Each room 6-7 victims are selected to have enough capacity to detox steam (depending on health to arrange patients accordingly).

- Implement and closely follow the use regimen of vitamins, minerals, vegetable oils, supplement with bananas, fruits, yogurt...


Start the program (from low to high)


- We divide into 4 phases in 21 days: The amount of vitamins and minerals increases daily according to each stage. Especially niacin (vitamin B3). As the number of niacin increases, so do the other vitamins. The average total dose of niacin was 2,500 - 3,000 mg/patient to end the program.


- Morning

+ 6:30 breakfast, check weight, blood pressure, pulse. Inform the case supervisor if the previous day\'s symptoms such as eating, sleeping, and mental well-being are not available.

+ From 6:30 to 7:00, the victim is given vitamins and minerals according to the regimen.

+ From 7:00 a.m. to 7:30 a.m., the victim can exercise and walk lightly (can be blown up, exercise on a treadmill).

+ From 7:30 to the steam room. The temperature in the sauna we adjust gradually daily, the purpose is for the victim to adapt gradually, the highest is 80oC, sweat in cold water bath, dry, drink physiological saline 9o/oo (every day). When going out, going to the sauna to drink 1 cup)

+ From 8:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m., the victim takes the remaining vitamins and eats fruit and milk.

+ From 9am to 10am continue sauna.

+ From 10:30 to 10:30, the end of the sauna. On average, 10-12 times a day.

+ 10:30 a.m. case supervisor rechecks pulse, blood pressure, weight, records the developments as a basis for the next day.

- Patients can eat oil, lecithin instead of fat, drink can-mag solution in the afternoon and relax.

- The schedule is divided into 5 periods and during that time there will be daily monitoring steps with vitamin and mineral dosages, exercise and sauna time are increased by each interval depending on the use. charge of each victim.

- Increasing niacin (Vitamin B3) by interval, increasing the dose of vitamin at intervals of 21 days for Victim A may be appropriate but for Victim B it may be prolonged because the toxin has not been eliminated. As well as victim C, it may take only 15-18 days to show signs of complete detoxification.

- After completing the program, the victim is given vitamins and minerals for another 5 days in gradually decreasing doses to avoid sudden deficiency when using high doses of vitamins and minerals.

- During the detox program, we arrange 1 common first-aid medicine cabinet, 1 air oxygen respirator when situations occur such as the patient\'s sauna being overheated causing heatstroke, shock, and some other sudden accident.


3.1. General

- From April 2016 to June 2021 at the Semi-Boarding Center, the Quang Binh Provincial People\'s Committees of Agriculture and Rural Development received and carried out detoxification and rehabilitation for 60 times/a total of 1,064 victims. Specifically:

+ Total number of patients: 1,064 people

+ Male patients: 914 people

+ Female patients: 150 people

(including second-generation direct and indirect exposure victims).

- In which the average age:

+ Patients over 80 years old: 75 people reach the rate of 7%

+ Patients over 70 years old: 292 people, rate 27.4%

+ Patients over 60 years old: 472 people reached 44.4%

+ Patients over 50 years old: 125 people, the rate is 11.8%

+ Patients under 50 years old (children and other subjects): 100 people, the rate is 9.4%.

3.2. Effective treatment

- As a limitation in this report, we chose the first 6 months of 2021. We have conducted 6 rounds of detoxification, rehabilitation, and nurturing a total of 144 people. On average, a session of 21-25 patients

Classification of diseases through 6 rounds of detoxification, rehabilitation and nurturing in the first 6 months of 2021.


Summary of some medical records

- Full name: Nguyen Thi Le

- Year of birth: 1947 (74 years old)

- Gender: Female

- Occupation: Soldier (retired)

- Origin: Hoai Huong commune, Hoai Nhon district, Binh Dinh province

- Residence: Nhan Tien village, Nhan Trach commune, Bo Trach district, Quang Binh province

- Address: Chairman of the Association of Women\'s Communities / People\'s Communities Nhan Trach, Bo Trach, Quang Binh

- Time to detox: 5/3/2021

- End time: March 25, 2021

- History: The victim was directly exposed in 1967 in the Central Highlands battlefield, 19th street, Gia Lai (declarant)

+ Transient chest pain

+ Pain in all joints, frequent itching

+ Knee replacement in 2011

+ Take medicine regularly, sleepless.

- Examination at entry: Alert, good contact, height 1m60, weight 75kg, blood pressure 160/100mmHg.

+ Itching a lot, skin in many places scabs.

Pain in the joints of the upper and lower extremities.

+ Circulatory: T1, T2 heartbeat is clear, in the snout, atypical angina.

+ Respiratory: 2 normal lungs

+ Digestion: soft abdomen, no tumor

+ Urinary: normal

+ General ultrasound: the image of fatty liver grade 3

+ Blood test: Creatinine: 80 mmol/L; Cholesterol: 7.5 mmol/L; Uric acid: 400 mmol/L; ASLO: (+); SGOT: 500 UI/L; SGPT: 450 UI/L; GGT: 38 UI/L; Urine: Sediment (++)

- Summary of medical history: A 74-year-old female patient who was directly exposed to dioxin in the battlefield, had dermatitis, chest pain (T), pain in joints, sinusitis, metabolic disorder, blood fat, liver infection. fat.

- Preliminary: TD atypical angina/ Hyperlipidemia/ Polyarthritis in Victims exposed to Agent Orange/dioxin

- Detoxification process according to the 21-day Hubbard program: Patients take vitamins, minerals, sauna according to the treatment schedule combined with rehabilitation by steam pressure, exercise, massage on the machine. Strictly follow the starting dose of 100mg Niacin, ending 3000mg. Patients have a reaction on about 2 (days 8-12 of the schedule) lasting about 7 days.

- Results: Weight decreased, blood pressure 140/90mmHg. No itching, no skin inflammation, no chest tightness. Improved health, good sleep, relaxed nerves, clear mind. The joints are much better, walking is almost normal. Tests after 3 weeks returned to normal.


- Comparison process before, after participating in detoxification program according to Hubbard method. It is an integrated treatment method: Simple, effective, low cost but very scientific.

- In this report, we only select some typical diseases and symptoms.

- Some basic medical conditions have been significantly improved, some diseases have been solved relatively satisfactorily such as high blood pressure (cardiovascular), long-term colitis, atopic dermatitis, circulatory disorders, etc. Cerebral palsy, type 2 diabetes, shoulder and neck syndrome, muscle cramps, nocturia, dementia, dizziness, lack of concentration, memory disorders, etc., were significantly improved.

- In some cases such as anemia, applying the method of increasing temperature, sauna time from low to high + close monitoring + high-dose vitamins (as prescribed), on the 10th day on, the victim eats and sleeps better. weight gain, low weight gain, the tests turned out to be relatively acceptable indicators.

- Some diseases such as diabetes, prostatic hyperplasia, and mild prostatic hypertrophy have a significant effect on the rate of about 63%.

- Atopic dermatitis has obvious effects. In these diseases, the majority of victims with first skin contact have sequelae of dioxin (seborrheic dermatitis) when steaming detoxifies, red patches blistering and peeling off. After a while, the victim returns to normal with a rate of almost 100%.

- Patients with chronic colitis, chronic bronchitis, high blood pressure, fatty liver, high blood fat, and dermatitis all achieved good results thanks to the good effects of vitamins and multi-minerals that change the constant interior. The use of vitamins E, vitamins A and D, vitamin C, and other vitamins in mega doses (very high doses) will have the effect of healing ulcers, oxidizing free radicals, and reducing harmful agents to the body.

- Exercise to circulate deep into the tissues, high-temperature sauna dilates the pores, which will facilitate the secretion of toxins. Bathing with cold water shrinks the pores and pushes toxins out.

- Enhance secretion: The endocrine glands in the body will increase their activity when the homeostasis is changed, which can make the hormones excreted better so that the body is regulated. Thus, the Lerol Hubbard method has a good effect on the endocrine glands and creates a balance of hormones, so diseases such as type 2 diabetes patients will be better and may not be dependent on drugs.

- Cardiovascular diseases and blood pressure: The use of vitamin E is to enhance oxidation of free radicals and heal stretch marks caused by stress combined with vitamins C, Choline to make the vessel walls strong and elastic. than.

Omegaba acids increase brain circulation, which will help brain cells receive O2 and nutrients better.

- When blood pressure is low, all B vitamins, especially vitamin B3, will be deficient, affecting the adrenal glands to secrete hormones not enough, a large amount of water will be excreted, along with work pressure and blood pressure. Stress also requires a large amount of B vitamins, so successful treatment of chronic low blood pressure is necessary to provide an adequate amount of B vitamins.

- Drinking oil to replace fat: Toxic substances when entering the body are accumulated in tissues, especially adipose tissue. When we give the patient a dose of oil along with lecithin, the body will synthesize the substance, storing energy in the form of fat. Contaminated fat will be discarded.

- The monitoring of the patient\'s weight twice a day has certain significance for the program. When the patient enters the sauna at a high temperature and sweats a lot, he will lose water, the body weight can be reduced, monitor the weight to assess and rehydrate enough. Drinking oil instead of fat: If the body weight increases, the poisoned fat is not eliminated or the patient drinks too much water, so during the detox period, the bodyweight does not change is the best thing.

- Patient\'s opinion after experiencing detox sessions: Most of the victims about integration into family, society, excitement, comfort, walking quickly, memory recovered, health improved basic.

- Prevention of complications

+ Taking medicine, exercising, going to a detox room at high temperature, the body will be disturbed, losing a lot of water and electrolytes, if not well prepared, the patient will have water and electrolyte disorders, especially is loss of potassium.

+ Leaving the patient in the sauna for too long will cause exhaustion or heatstroke.

+ Patients with cardiovascular disease may develop atherosclerotic plaques. If those patches come off, it can cause unexpected complications and are difficult to handle, so having a sauna is a must to closely link with the sponsoring hospital.


- The Lerol Hubbard detoxification method must confirm that it is a simple, easy to implement, low cost, highly effective, and very scientific method. A unique method through the mechanism of metabolic circulation, to expel toxins that have accumulated in the muscle tissues for a long time, out that other conventional drugs cannot do.

- This method is applied in many countries, such as the US, Singapore, Japan, the former Soviet Union, the gulf war, the terrorist attacks of 9/11/2001.

- This method is also effective for patients, victims of exposure to various radioactive substances, those who use chemical preservatives in the foods that we eat and drink every day, even including the use of any hazardous drugs in medicine.

- Subjects working in the chemical industry or related fields, people who abuse drugs, alcohol or drugs, environmental pollution, industrial waste, air pollution, food with preservatives... for a long time accumulate in the body, all these sources lead to reduced health consequences, lasting many years.

- Therefore, the Lerol Hubbard method has brought about an outstanding discovery, which has the property of inhibiting the harmful effects of poisoned subjects in general, and Agent Orange/dioxin victims in particular. This program has the power to root out the consequences of our toxic social life.


Within the framework of this report, we have some specific recommendations as follows:

- The Central Association of Victims of Agent Orange/Dioxin in Vietnam should coordinate with NGOs, friends from other countries, and Vietnamese businesses to have financial support for training professionals. perform detoxification for the victim.

- It is necessary to have a plan to adjust the detoxification time and take care of the victim\'s health in the current conditions. The victim\'s age increased, health decreased, many underlying diseases. In terms of coping with the consequences of Agent Orange/dioxin, if this method is applied mechanically, it is not safe in the treatment and implementation of the program.

- The Central Committee of the Association should have a plan to arrange and adjust the time and dose of vitamins and minerals to suit the background of the disease, health, age, weight, especially time. In the typical climate of our country is too hot, summer is not suitable, making the victims easily exhausted.

- Recommend health insurance agencies for victims who go to detoxification centers to enjoy insurance regimes such as convalescence and treatment at hospital.


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